Did you know that skirts have been used by humans since 5700 BC? (Thanks Wikipedia) They are the simplest form of garment that humans created.Β 

Since then, designers and creators have made some absolutely beautiful, fanciful, and classic skirt designs for many different occasions and styles. Hundreds of skirt designs exist and we wanted to create a store that could be a good source to access nearly every kind of skirt available at prices that a normal person can afford.Β 

About Must Have Skirts

We created Must Have Skirts to provide a focused affordable apparel site for the women and men who love skirts. We don't care why you're buying the skirt, just that you find the skirt that's right for you.

Returns For Charity

Returns are a natural part of running a clothing company. Rather than repackaging and reselling our returns, we donate them to Dress For Success Denver and our local Goodwill donation center. We want to make sure that we are able to contribute to our community and hopefully help someone get their next job!